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On Being a JOHNITE-

  • I take pride in belonging to the institution that has eminent and dedicated visionaries and educationists fired with one mission – to take quality education far & wide.
  • I salute the school logo ‘STRIVE TO SUCCEED ’ for instilling in each student humility, compassion and altruism.
  • I respect the school leaders for enkindling the path and showing the way to greater heights and glories.
  • I bow to my ‘gurus’ and the staff of our school… ever willing to help, motivate and mentor us, using their experience and expertise to lead us on!
  • I applaud my school for imparting timeless values of patriotism, religious tolerance and communal harmony, strengthening the secular fabric of the great Indian democracy.
  • I hail my alma mater for making me a truly global citizen .
  • I cheer you my SJS TEAM  for teaching us to surge ahead in these times of tough competition, winning laurels for myself, my family and my school, both in scholastic and co-scholastic areas.
  • I uphold my school’s learner-centric philosophy which results in ensuring quality education . Amazing but true, each one of us feels loved, personally supervised and looked after!


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