With a huge play ground, the school offers excellent and constantly expanding sports facilities to its students. The school believes in the importance of sports activities in the life of its young students. It is here that a young and impressionable youth learns values like discipline, self-confidence, sacrifice, team spirit and accountability. For this dynamic development to occur, the school sports programmes have several components in place.

Our biggest asset is our sports faculty, who understand the responsibility placed upon their shoulders and help to  shape and prepare the students not only in sports but for everyday life. In order to accomplish this task, the school management has invested adequate resources and provides good facilities such as sports training equipment, playgrounds and courts, sports coaching camps and opportunities for students to participate at the Zonal, State and National level tournaments.Sports events will be conducted all through the year in three phases –

Outdoor Sport – This includes games such as basketball, football, volleyball, kho-kho, kabaddi, baseball, cricket, gymnastics, self-defence, squash and golf.

Indoor Sport –
This includes games such as chess, carom, table tennis and badminton.

Athletics –
This includes long and short distance runs, long, high and triple jump, short put, javelin, discus and hurdles.


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